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Scarlett finished her AKC Championship on 9/14/14
At the Chattanooga Kennel Club Shows!


Great News!  Scarlett, is now AKC Grand Champion Wynnsome Annie Oakley!  She finished in Raleigh on March 26 winning Best of Breed under judge Linda Clark.  Also in Raleigh our girl Rosie, Ky's Wynn'N Gold Rose picked up a 3 point major toward her Championship under judge Mrs. Beth G. Speich! Then on Thursday 3/31 picked up another Ch.pt.!  Earning 6 Ch points by going Winners and/or Best of Winners in 2015 at 5 straight shows!  You go girl that puts you at 10 pts with one major!  Needing One major with 5 pts to finish your Championship you are over 1/2 way there!  Rosie went on to show in Greenville and finished her Championship.  She went in to the Best of Breed class as a new special and the 1st weekend out picked up 2 majors and a total of 11 points.  Later she showed and picked up 4 more points toward her Grand Championship.  Only 10 points with one major to go to Finish her Grand Championship!  Not bad for two weekends out as a new special!  So proud of her and Electra and Bryan Westmoreland for having this beautiful girl shown by
Kacie Davis at Wesanns Handling! 
Also my Kimber showed and was awarded a Best of Breed from the classes of some very nice specials for her first championship points, a 4 point major win!  Great year! 
The year of 2015 was a Very busy year with renovations of our home and moving my mom in.  We are still not quite finished, but were settled enough to go on with plans to Breed Jenny.  Her litter was born on Valentines 2016. 
Scarlett has been in training and will be out to achieve the 3 more points she needs to finish her Grand Championship in 2016.  Arya attended the Charleston and achieved her 1st Championship points.  Her mom is enjoying this new Activity! So glad she was willing to give it a try.

At the Clemson Kennel Club shows:  Ky's Calamity Jack, from our Jenny X Cisco litter, Took home Winners Dog and Best Winners on January 3 and Winners Dog on January 4. for his 1st Two Championship points.
Tesla, became a new Champion, CH Ky's Wynn'N White Lite'N out of GCH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH and GGCH Solaris Smokin' Hot Habenera  took home Winners Bitch on January 3 for her 1st Championship point and went on to finish her AKC Championship in Sept.  Now BGCH Ky's Wynn'N Fantasy Maker,  In March 2015 just shy of a year since beginning the adventure of her Bronze level Grand Championship, Maker Completed this level and earned multiple Group placements on the way! She went on to produce her 1st litter in August. 
Scarlett has gone on to compete and win 23 points toward her Grand Championship with 3 major wins.  We just need a little more to complete her Grand.  She is also ranked  # 8 in the country in Owner Handler Groups as of July 31, 2015.  And Rosie, Ky's Wynn'N Gold Rose out of Ritz CH Banker's Gold Standard and My Jenny, co-owned by Bryan & Electra Westmoreland & Thecla Tyner began her show career in Nov 2015 and after 5 days of showing taking winners everyday ended up with 6 of her AKC Championship points! 
Also congrats to Bella, Cooper, Arya who began their show careers and both had some success at their 1st show!  Winning their classes.
Last but not least for the year was bringing home my Vizsla pup Kimber, Jakra's N Ky's Kimber Flirt'N Fancy
I am expecting great things for her! 

Congratulations to

CH Ky's Wynnsome Annie Oakley, Scarlett who finished her AKC Championship in Sept 2014 with limited showing.  Owned by Tara Bakker and Thecla Tyner

Scarlett What a lovely Girl!  She is out of GCH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH and Cisco, she had a fantastic week during the Carolina Foothills Cluster in July.  Winning 3 majors for a total of 10 points.  She had one point from Clemson this year and now only needs 4 single points to finish her Championship.  The next show weekend out, at the Chattanooga Kennel club shows 9/13 - 9/14 Scarlett won 2 pts both days to finish her Championship!  She is such a beautiful girl and I want to thank her Co-owner Tara Bakker for the help she gave Training Scarlett!  Out for her Grand in 2015

Maker finishes her AKC Grand Championship in Franklin TN After turning 2 yrs old on March 5,2014! 
Handled beautifully by Kacie Davis
She showed on March 6 select, on March 7,8,9 Best of Opposite to Breed!
Yeah Maker!  And with Scarlett achieving her Championship the fall of 2014: Jenny has 3 Champions and One Grand Champion from her offspring! More titles to come!

Congratulations to
CH Ky's Wynnsome Annie Oakley, Scarlett who finished her AKC Championship in Sept 2014 with limited showing.  Owned by Tara Bakker and Thecla Tyner

Maker Keeps Making my Fantasy!
Winning Select Bitch at the
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Specialty! 
"Maker" winning a Sporting Group 2 in Charleston February 2014!
Which placed her 4th Vizsla in
All Breed Rankings!
She is also Ranked number 2 in SC Grand Championship rankings.  Since then she has gone on the win 4 other Group placements (2 Grp  3's and 2 Grp 4's) and although she has show very little this year she is ranked number 15th Vizsla in all breed rankings through August! 

Making my Fantasy Come True!

From Our Folsom x Jenny Litter
BISS GCH CH Vizcaya's Fantasy Finish x
GCH CH Ky's CJ Watch'N Me Wynn JH
 Congratulations to
CH Ky's Wynnsome Annie Oakley who finished her AKC Championship in Sept 2014 with limited showing.  Owned by Tara Bakker and Thecla Tyner

Congratulations to  
CH Ky's Fantasy Ruby Haley
at 17 months finishing her AKC Championship on 8/17/2013
Thanks to James and Madison Rideout and Dianne Murray and Lucy's Wonderful Handlers, Kacie Davis and Michelle Queen from Wesann's Dog Handling for their professional handling of Lucy!  You Guys Rock! And thanks to all those wonderful judges who saw Lucy's wonderful conformation.
Congratulations to
Ch Ky's Wynn'N Fantasy Maker, 
She finished her Championship at 15 months on 6/16,2013, earning all of her Championship points from the Bred By Exhibitor Class in Waynesville, NC, thanks Nancy of Vizcaya Vizslas and Folsom's owners for allowing me to breed My Jenny to Folsom!  Maker Finished her Championship in 5 weekends with Judges Michael Faulkner and Karen Wilson seeing her wonderful movement and conformation with great competition for her major wins. On her way to her Championship, she never left the ring without a reserve or winner's ribbon in her short career! 

Our New  
Grand Champion
GCH CH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH
Thanks to Michelle Queen for helping me reach my Goal.
Finishing with 6 majors!
Multiple Group placements!
Also thanks for the encouragement of all of my Best Of Show Friends!

News 2012 Jenny has been Bred to Cisco!   Check out our puppy page for more news and updates!
On February 18 "Copper" Ch Ky's Wynn'N Celtic Copper JH took BOB for 2 Grand Championship points, then on February 19 he was awarded Select Dog for a 5 point major toward his Grand Championship.  His littermate sister "Jenny", Ch Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH, has  shown 6 times as a Champion  earning 11 total points with 2 major wins!  She was awarded Select bitch over one of the top winning Vizslas in the County for 5 Grand Championship points for her 1st Major win!  Best of Op. for a 4 points in Asheville for her 2nd Major, and took BOB for 1 pt each day in Waynesville. 11 points and counting!  Thanks Rachel for showing her in Waynesville!
Both Kooper and one of his owners, Daniel successfully hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2010 from Georgia to Maine!  What a wonderful challenge for both of them.  Kooper, from my  '07 Brandy X Celtic litter faired well, and even though he will never see a show ring, he is a Very Special Vizsla!  They hiked for a good cause and raised $5170 to help their friend Abby, I am so proud of them both!

2010 came and left!  I can't believe how fast it went by.  This year brought several new beginnings at Ky's Kennel.  In February Copper finished his JH title, in April, Kooper set out with owner Daniel to hike the Appalachian trail and completed the trip in the fall, in April we also had our 1st  litter of Cavalier puppies, in July Jenny competed and won her 1st Grand Championship points,  in August I became a REALTOR also in August my youngest son left for College! It was a great year, but left only a small amount of time for showing!  Hopefully, 2011 will have more show opportunities.  You can't win if you don't show!
2010  "Copper" CH Ky's Wynn'N Celtic Copper JH, finished his Junior Hunt Title in 4 straight passes on February 14 2010!
"Jenny" CH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH at the VCC Specialty 7/29/2010 won her 1st Grand Championship points!  A 5 pt major win for select bitch over 26 other females and 5 other Champion females, (one of those being a top winning vizsla in the country),  I am so proud of her.
2009 January began with Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn, "Jenny" finishing her AKC Championship with back to back major wins. And "Orion", Ky's Brilliant Star of Orion earning his 3rd major Win!
February ended with CH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn "Jenny" finishing her Junior Hunt Title.
March rolled in with another new Champion, Ky's Brillant Star of Orion. "Orion" is a half brother to "Jenny".
April brought an Award of Merit for CH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH  at the Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta Specialty! With an entry of 67 Vizslas. That weekend also gave her brother, "Copper"  Ky's Wynn'N Celtic Copper his 1st major Win! And a 1st place award in the Bred by Exhibitor Dog Class at the Specialty!
June brought some new beginnings as "Rose" Intl Ky's Golden Goal gave birth to her 1st litter of 6 boys and 1 girl!  The proud papa, CH Renaissance Patriot Crusader, "Patrick"!
July was truly special..."Brandy" CH Titan's Dream Chaser CD Winning Best Veteran Bitch in Sweeps at the VCC Specialty and Winning Best Brood Bitch there as well with her produce Orion and Jenny!
September, once again "Copper" and I headed to Atlanta and returned with a 4 point major, his 2nd major.  At that time he needed 3 points to finish his Championship. 
October "Copper" picked up one more point at the Augusta Kennel Club show and then we headed to Nationals at the end of October.  There "Copper" took 5th place out of 15 Bred by Exhibitor Dogs and then went on to finish his Championship at the Vizsla Club of the Carolinas Specialty on October 31, Yes!  Halloween Day with an entry of 38 Vizsla Dogs, giving him a 5 point major; finishing with 3 majors! Then he went on to earn his Junior Hunt Title in 4 straight passes
    Keep Checking back for our NEWS..........

This is Brandy and me!

Home of the Versatile Vizsla!
Take your time....look around and feel free to come back often.

I have always loved dogs but I fell in love with the Vizsla!
I am proudly owned  or have been owned by many
 lovely Vizslas and wonderful companions, Brandy (my 1st Vizsla), Rose (my 1st bred by Vizsla and Orion My 1st co-owned Vizsla). I have since added Jenny my 2nd bred-by Vizsla and Copper my 2nd co-owned Vizsla. Brandy (1999-2013), Rose is living in a great home in Connecticut and Jenny lives with me and Orion and Copper lives with Linda Tedrow and Hampton Randall. From my litter the summer of 2009, I recently added 3 vizslas that I co-own.  A female named Penny who lived with Tim and Kelli Moxie, and two males, Hudson who lives with Megan and Andrew Schwartz and Copper Top who lives with Jason McCulty.  In March of 2012, I added one more Vizsla to my family, Maker, Jenny's daughter.  Several more Co-owned vizslas, all of which I enjoy sharing in the love, work, training and showing of all of these Vizsla that are in my life!

Rose at 4 months in her very 1st match!

Ky's Vizslas

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