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LOVE is in the Air at Ky's Vizslas!
WE are expecting our Gold Litter!
In August Jenny went for a week long stay with Ritz!  They're Here!
GCH Ky's Cj Watch'N Me Wynn JH "Jenny" 
CH Banker's Gold Standard "Ritz"

Our In Search of Gold litter has arrived!
Born 10/10/14  between 7:22 am and 10:30 am
Mom and pups are doing great!
They will be ready to go home on Dec. 12, 2014
Introducing: the Girls:  Pinta, Nina, Spice, 
                          the Boys:  Chris, Bart, Indie, Gio

All of these pups are spoken for, their new families include the Murphy's, the Watson's, the Hunt's,  the Huffman's, the Westmoreland's, the Papa's, and McCrea & Marvel.


One hand piece of loving!
1st selfie of this pup on the day of birth.

1 week old with Mom! More than doubled in size!
Gold litter is growing quickly with moms great milk!

Eating and sleeping are all that they do!
Mom is taking such great care of these pups!

Two weeks old, look at those tummies!
The Boys Christopher, Indi, Bart, Geo

Two weeks old; eyes are almost open
The Three Girls, Pinta, Nina and Spice!

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