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AS of 1//28/2023 All of the pups from this litter are spoken for!

Puppies are here! We had 5 pups, 3 boys and 2 girls. Born Oct. 22 2023. The parents are both AKC CHAMPIONS with health checks. The Stud dog also has Agility and Obedience Titles. They come from a long line of Champions! Crate training will begin at 6 weeks old, we will be doing temperament testing during the 7 week and pups will go home between December 17-23.

Jamie the father
This is Jamie's 2nd litter with two of the 1st litter already CH pointed

Roxie the Mom!
Roxie has done a Great Job with her new pups!

Roxie pups Growing!
They are 3 weeks old!

Mom with pups!
They are so sweet! Good Mommy!

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