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Available Puppies
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I do not have any puppies availble at this time.  Please keep checking back or send me a email for a puppy questionnaire for our up coming 2017-18 litter. 

  Maker and Ritz produced a lovely litter of 5 boys and 3 girls!  Title homes of any kind like Obedience, Hunt, show and/or Agility are greatly appreciated. 
All of these pups have been placed!
4 are in show homes
2 are in performance homes
all wonderful pet homes too! 

GCHB CH Ky's Wynn'N Fantasy Maker
"Maker" MOM

CH Banker's Gold Standard
"Ritz" Dad

New born Dec 14 Maker X Ritz
Maker is such a good mommy!

Two weeks Old
Watch Me Grow!

3 weeks old
Moving all around

5 weeks old
snoozing after playinig hard!


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